Askeladden C-COMMAND

Navigation, information, management and entertainment, all integrated in one large, multi-function display!

Navigation screens have become a common feature on new leisure boats of all sizes. With time, the screens have increased in size, but without any integration with the other main systems in the boat.  Askeladden and Nextfour Group decided to do something about this. They sat down together to develop the new, ground-breaking ASKELADDEN C-COMMAND system – now to be launched together with Askeladden's new model, the C83 Cruiser TSI.

The design process was inspired by Tesla and their large, multi-function screens. Askeladden and Nextfour Group wanted to provide boaters with the same type of system.

The main feature of the ASKELADDEN C-COMMAND system is its large 16” touch screen with remote control.