Technical Data

Length 7,60M
Width 2,55M
People 7
Design Category C
Fuel Tank 230L
Septic 40L
Water tank 40L


Speed ​​Potential 38
Shaft Long
Outboard 200-300HK


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Askeladden P76 Weekend

New design for aft deck top

Askeladden has now launched its new pilothouse boat, the P76 Weekend, along with an innovative design for the top covering the aft deck.
Traditional pilothouse boats have short roofs over the pilothouse, with a conventional canopy to provide shelter on the aft deck.
Using innovative design and modern composite materials – comprising geometric load-bearing structures, vacuum infusion and carbon fibre – Askeladden has now developed a new type of self-supporting top that covers the entire length of the aft deck.

This self-supporting top design eliminates the need for a support bar at the rear edge of the top, creating a completely open aft deck with plenty of space for great boating.
Use of the aft deck is so much more simple  with the practical canopy side walls fitted to the top structure.

P76 Weekend – the optimal boat for every boater

The layout and furnishings are inspired by the P92 SUV and P79 Weekend, although this boat, smaller in size, is more suitable for daytrips and weekends than longer trips.

The design is perfect for enthusiastic fishers, watersports, boat trips and overnight stays.

The P76 Weekend can truly be used for a wide range of boating, keeping the entire family happy, from granddad to the youngest kids. It is also simple to use.
The extended top covering the entire length of the aft deck is available with a range of options and configurations.

  • The standard top is a long, self-supporting fibreglass top.
  • Customers can also choose to have a large acrylic glass skylight fitted in the extended top over the aft deck.
  • Another option is to fit a removable canopy top as part of the extended fibreglass top.
  • For extra cover on the aft deck, you can choose the option of canopy side walls.

The top has been designed to withstand a Nordic winter, including the weight of snow on the top – a natural part of boating with a Nordic climate.

Hull, comfort and fuel economy

We have continued to build upon the successful concept developed for the P79 Weekend and the P92 SUV, and have designed the P76 Weekend with a completely new and optimised two-step hull and deep V-shaped bottom.

Comfort, stability, minimum planing threshold, good speeds and market-leading fuel consumption are all qualities provided with the new hulls designed for Askeladden’s P-series models.


The P76 Weekend has been designed for Suzuki’s DF200 APX. This engine is powerful, reaching speeds of 40 knots with the P76 Weekend and is unparalleled for its fuel economy!
Although the boat has been designed and certified for maximum 300 HP, our recommendation is to power your P76 Weekend with Suzuki's DF200 APX.

“The P76 Weekend is designed to make boating easy and fun!” 
Managing Director Henrik J. Askvik