Technical Data

Length 9,20M
Width 2,80M
People 10
Design Category C
Fuel Tank 230L
Septic 40 liter
Water tank 100L


Speed ​​Potential 40
Outboard Outboard 300 - 350 HK XXL


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Askeladden P92 SUV

A brand new type of P-series boat

Traditionally, the pilothouse boat market has had two segments:

A segment for comfort – daytrips, weekend trips and long boat trips

A more robust segment – for sports, fishing and transport
Previously, pilothouse boats have been designed for one of these two segments, but never before for both. The Askeladden P92 SUV is an excellent design for both segments – allowing the customer to adapt the boat to different trips in just minutes.

The P92 SUV for daytrips, weekends on the water and excursions

The P92 SUV has the same forecabin and pilothouse design as its sister boat, the P79 Weekend, and can be fitted to provide all the comforts you need for overnight stays in a boat – including a soft top so you can make the most of sunny days.

The aft deck is much larger than competing boats, with the same amount of deck area as our largest daycruiser, the C83 Cruiser. No other pilothouse boat can offer as much seating, space for a table and sun loungers on the aft deck as the P92 SUV.

The boat can also be fitted with a 150-litre cooler box on the aft deck to keep both crew and passengers refreshed.

The aft deck furnishings are module based so each customer can choose exactly which modules they want fitted. The modules can also be moved around at any time and can be removed from the aft deck to leave even more space for fishing and transport.

The P92 SUV as a fishing and transport boat

The aft deck is separated from the aft platform with a watertight door so you can drive astern into waves without your wake washing over the aft deck. The aft platform is spacious and there is plenty of room to walk from port to starboard side. The boat is supplied as standard with a 150-litre ice or fish tank, which can also be fitted with a circulation pump as an extra option.

The aft deck is unrivalled when it comes to size in this segment. The normal dimensions of an aft deck on pilothouse boats of this size is approx. 4 m2. The covered aft deck on the P92 SUV measures a total 5.3 m2.

Aft of the aft deck is a spacious platform with plenty of room to walk from port to starboard side. The aft deck has all the fittings required to install a pump for the water hose, circulation pumps, net, pot and line haulers, transforming the boat into a working and fishing machine. Using the module system, you can very simply reconfigure your fishing boat to a comfortable touring boat with a social and comfortable aft deck for the entire family in a matter of minutes.

Extended Hard Top

Askeladden's Extended Hard Top has been designed for the Norwegian climate and is our recommended choice for recreational boating. It provides full shelter on the entire aft deck, with a practical and easy-to-use canopy. The hard top is available in a number of options, whichcan be fitted on boats that have already been delivered to the customer.

If the boat is to be used for commercial purposes or active fishing, we recommend the standard top. This simplifies handling of fishing rods and other tackle.

Hull, comfort and fuel economy

We have continued to build upon the successful concept developed for the P79 Weekend, and have designed the P92 SUV with a completely new and optimised two-step hull, with integrated engine bracket and deep V-shaped bottom.
The increased length and weight of this boat compared to the P79 Weekend provides for even greater comfort and eliminates almost the entire planing threshold, reducing the need for engine power, increasing top speeds and improving fuel economy.

Single or twin outboard

The traditional belief in the boat market is that outboard boats longer than 9 metres need twin outboards for optimal performance, due to unsophisticated and old-fashioned hull designs. This is not the case with the P92 SUV.
Thanks to the highly modern two-step hull technology and integrated engine bracket, this boat has high level performance with either a single outboard or twin installation.

Powered by Suzuki’s Duo Prop DF350 ATXX, this boat can reach speeds of 40 knots with a good margin.

Engine information

Engine Single: Outboard 300 - 350 HP XXL Engine Twin: Outboard 200 - 300 HP XL Potential speeds; Approx. 40 knots (total weight 4 tonnes) with Suzuki Duo-Propp DF350 HP Fuel consumption Cruising speed 20 – 32 knots: Approx. 1.7 – 1.9 litres/nm