Askeladden P79 Weekend

The start of a new generation

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Askeladden Boats

Askeladden manufactures market-leading boats with an uncompromising focus on design, innovation and safety.

Increased stiffness for a more robust boat

The inbuilt stiffeners (stringers) in the hull have been designed to withstand the extreme force of choppy Norwegian fjord waters.

More height and beam in relation to length

In general, Askeladden boats have a higher internal volume than competing boat makes.

Quality throughout makes boating much safer!

For Askeladden, safety at sea is a top priority.

Approved in accordance with the requirements of the Norwegian Maritime Directorate 

Leisure boats have to bear the CE label according to their category of seaworthiness

Designed for rain, wind and sea spray

Boating is not always a case of sunshine and calm seas. You may at times be met by waves, rain and strong winds.

Reliable mooring and safe boarding/climbing ashore

Equipped with powerful mooring cleats for spring mooring lines

Askeladden C-series

Best in it's class


Askeladden P-series

A solid range of small and medium-sized cabins