Technical Data

Length 8,30M
Width 2,80M
People 10
Design Category C
Fuel Tank 230 liter
Septic 40 liter
Water tank 100 liter


Speed ​​Potential 44
Shaft XX-Rigg
Outboard 300 - 350 HK



Askeladden C83 Cruiser TSI

Quadruple revolution - boat, outboard, technology and price!

A quadruple revolution – boat, outboard, technology and price!

Modern developments in outboard engines have fundamentally changed the leisure boat market. Former classic models are now being launched with a modern design and powered by revolutionary outboard engines.

It is no wonder that boaters have fully embraced the advantages of outboard engines over stern drives, given the low service and maintenance costs, excellent fuel economy, environmental benefits, comfort and operational reliability. Modern outboards have given rise to a revolution on the boat market!

And with this revolution, Askeladden is able to recreate classic boat models, such as the 705 Voyager and the Z8, but now with a new and modern design. With an impressive range of modern technology, the new C83 Cruiser TSI will lead the way for the outboard revolution. At the same time, the use of innovative outboard technology allows Askeladden to reduce the price of their new model and provide significantly lower operating and maintenance costs for boaters.

The Askeladden C83 Cruiser TSI

This is the perfect daycruiser for up to 10 persons. It is also a great boat for weekend trips, catering comfortably for six persons, or four persons on longer trips. The cockpit is spacious and has flexible seating arrangements. There is a large bathing platform with its own sun-lounger, a sun-lounger in the cockpit, a proper pantry perfect for weekend or longer trips, berths for four to six persons under deck and a separate bathroom with toilet and shower.

Extra equipment