Technical Data

Length 7,85M
Width 2,80M
Fuel Tank 230L
Septic 40L
Water tank 100L


Speed ​​Potential 41
Shaft XL
Outboard 200-300HK



Askeladden P79 Weekend

The start of a new generation

A whole new type of p-series boat

Askeladden P79 Weekend is the start of a new generation The new model is a pilothouse boat designed for comfortable daytrips, weekend cruises and overnight stays. We have addressed all those factors that have been lacking from pilothouse boats for years now and introduced vast improvements with the help of innovative design. This boat is the perfect choice for the traditional daycruiser customer who is looking for a model with a pilothouse and sliding aft door.

Hull, comfort and fuel economy

The hulls on traditional pilothouse boats have in general been old-fashioned, flat-bottomed, uncomfortable and with low fuel efficiency.
The P79 Weekend has been designed with a completely new and modern two-step hull, integrated engine bracket and deeper V-shaped bottom – providing considerable improvements to comfort, eliminating almost all planing threshold, minimising the need for engine power, increasing top speeds and improving on fuel economy.

Aft deck design

The design of aft decks on traditional pilothouse boats did not allow for socialising. On sunny days, there was no space to store away the aft deck canopy, access to the bathing platform was difficult and most pilothouse boats did not even have a bathing platform you could use for sunbathing, swimming and waterspor

Option: Electric Soft Top

We have designed a modern C-series aft deck for the P79 Weekend.

  • The new boat has a spacious bathing platform that you can walk over from port to starboard
  • Simple and ergonomic to walk from the aft deck to the bathing platform
  • Aft sofa with folding back and sun lounger
  • Social seating
  • Table and sun lounger
  • Storage for canopy
  • Ski tow hook

Pilothouse comfort and ergonomics for the driver

In traditional pilothouse boats, passengers have had to make do with confined, low seating, making for an uncomfortable ride when more than two passengers are onboard. Pantries in pilothouse boats have to date been provided almost as a symbolic function, hardly practical enough to make even a cup of coffee. Ergonomics for the driver have varied from acceptable to dire in the traditional pilothouse boats.

With the new P79 Weekend, all your passengers will have a comfortable seat with good visibility. You can even prepare a simple meal onboard, and the driver’s seat is designed to provide great visibility and ergonomics.

Front cabin, centre cabin and toilet

Pilothouse boats of this size have traditionally lacked a front cabin with door, have had no centre cabin and toilet designs that are either open or very cramped. As a result, use of such impractical facilities has been very limited. The traditional front cabins have been dark and unwelcoming, with no natural lighting.

With the new P79 Weekend, the front cabin can be closed off from the pilothouse with a practical sliding door. The boat has a proper-sized double berth in front and a centre cabin providing extra beds. The cabins are light and welcoming with natural lighting from windows in the hull, and the toilet room has a door and plenty of space and ergonomic design for comfortable use.

This boat will provide improvements in all these areas

  • design
  • hull, comfort and fuel economy
  • aft deck design
  • pilothouse comfort and ergonomics for the driver
  • pantry
  • pilothouse separate from front cabin
  • front cabin, centre cabin and toilet