Askeladden P60 Multi

Fishing, hunting and working boat for extreme loads!


Askeladden have developed a unique fishing and hunting boat for long-line fishing for halibut in Greenland!

The new model has been designed to perform smoothly in rough seas with an extreme load on deck. It has a deep V-shaped hull (210) and unique stability and load-bearing capacity. The internal freeboard height is 0.85 metres, fulfilling the requirement on working boats with lengths of less than 15 metres. The boat has CE approval for deck loads of 1,880 kg, but can in practice carry up to 2,500 kg on deck. With such heavy loads, and powered by a Suzuki DF300 APX, the P60 Multi planes easily and will reach top speeds of approx. 38 knots.

The P60 Multi is unequalled on the Nordic market, and we are confident that this design concept, with such unique performance, will be popular among boaters in the Nordic countries.

The boat can be registered in the ships' register and as a working boat for fishing!


This is the perfect fishing, hunting and working boat for boaters who are searching for secure and comfortable performance combined with the capacity to carry large and heavy loads on deck. The design is module-based, so you can arrange the deck as you please with either single or double console. For layout options, see the images below.

The P60 Multi can also be fitted with a strong, stainless steel Targa hoop and a simple hardtop! The design dimensions of this model are for much more strength than a normal 6-metre boat to ensure that the P60 Multi can carry a large engine (max. 350 HP), withstand rough waters and a heavy load on deck.

Askeladden P60 Multi is the LandRover of the seas!

Technical Data

Length 6,00 m
Width 2,60 m
Weight without motor ca. 1.200 kg
Max load including engine ca. 2.280 kg
People 10
Design Category C
Fuel Tank 140 liter


Speed ​​Potential +50 knop
Shaft XL
Outboard 115-350 HK