Askeladden C65 Cruiser

6,45M Length
2,46M Width
45 Speed ​​potential

Technical data

  • Length6,45M
  • Width2,46M
  • Dry weight w/o engine1.400 kg
  • Pax7
  • Design categoryC
  • Fuel tank230L
  • Septic tank40L
  • Water tank40L


  • Speed ​​potential45
  • ShaftExtra long
  • Outboard150-250 HK


Askeladden C65 Cruiser

Askeladden C65 Cruiser

New member of the C-series!

With the introduction of the C65 Cruiser, Askeladden presents a new series of boats to delight the boat market for years to come. Askeladden C65 Cruiser is a prime example of Askeladden’s innovative product development, and will be launched at boat shows in Scandinavia and Europe this winter and spring.

This is an open console boat, elegant yet sporty and is categorised as a DayCruiser for weekend trips. It has an impressively spacious cockpit seating a total of seven persons. There is a U-shaped sofa aft with space for a table that can also transform easily into a sun lounger. The driving position introduces a whole new standard in ergonomics, with excellent protection from the elements, practical features and unique design. The large bathing platform becomes an extension of the spacious aft deck and is perfect for watersports. The back of the aft bench can be moved forwards, creating a comfortable sofa on the bathing platform where you can relax after a swim and watch the kids in the water.

The C65 Cruiser is a weekend daycruiser. The fore cabin sleeps two adults and the canopy has plenty of head height allowing two persons to sleep on the sun lounger. The fore cabin also has a flushing toilet, and the boat can be supplied with a simple pantry, cooker and fridge drawer.

The design of the hull is ground breaking, providing high comfort in rough waters, a dry cockpit, high speeds and fuel economy along with high stability. The boat runs smoothly, reliably and securely and truly is a unique innovation in this class of boat.

Carrying an outboard engine from 150 to 250 HP, the C65 Cruiser can reach speeds of 45 knots.

Standard equipment

  • Skylight fordekk
  • Skrogvindu
  • LED lanterner
  • LED down lights kabin
  • LED leselamper kabin
  • LED “courtesy lights” akterdekk blå
  • LED “courtesy lights” cockpit hvit
  • LED “courtesy lights” konsoll hvit
  • LED “courtesy lights” kabin hvit
  • Speil frontkabin
  • Lagrinsboks frontkabin
  • Lufteventiler kabin
  • Sportsstol Niroxx
  • Putesett kabin
  • Trekabinett over toalett
  • Toalettrullholder
  • Putesett cockpit Niroxx
  • Vipperygg co-pilotsete Niroxx
  • Vipperygg akterbenk Niroxx
  • Trekk for vipperygg akter
  • Koppholdere
  • Hydraulisk styring
  • Eksklusivt ratt
  • Kontrollboks elektronisk gir/gass med trim bryter
  • Suzuki MFG Multi Funksjons Display for motor
  • Svitspanel med dødmannsbryter
  • Drivstofftank 230L
  • Vanntank 40L
  • Septiktank 40L
  • Dreggluker akter
  • Dreggluke forut
  • Brannslukningsapparat
  • Batteri
  • Hovedstrømsskap med automatsikringer
  • Kombinert kalesjegarasje og stureom akter
  • Baugpropell tunnel
  • Badeplattform
  • Badestige
  • Oppbevaringsnett førerposisjon
  • 12V uttak
  • USB uttak
  • Lensepumpe manuell
  • Lensepumpe elektrisk
  • Fenderholder
  • Stuerom
  • Hanskerom
  • Kryssholter
  • Kraftige rustfrie rekker og gripe håndtak

Topline package

  • ZipWake Dynamic Trim-Control System 300
  • Spyletoalett
  • Dekksluke
  • Gardinpakke forkabin
  • Trykkvann og vask
  • Kokeapparat
  • Kjøleskuff 30L
  • Cockpitbord Silvertex med koppholdere
  • Solpute for cockpitbord
  • Akterkalesje
  • Havnepresenning


  • Flexiteek
  • Dørktepper frontkabin
  • Askeladden Fenderpakke 4 stk m/tau
  • Askeladden C-COMMAND 10’’ skjerm med fjernkontroll
  • Askeladden C-COMMAND 16’’ skjerm med fjernkontrol
  • Stereo pakke FUSION MS RA70 DAB+ og 2 stk. Kicker 6,5’’ speakers
  • C-COMMAND stereo Gen 2 med 2 x høyttalere
  • C-COMMAND stereo Gen 2 ekstra høyttalere cockpit
  • Raymarine CT100 Fishfinder
  • Utfyllingsputer forkabin
  • Solpute baug
  • Kupevarmer 2 kW Eberspacher
  • Vannskikrok
  • Port akterdekk rustfritt stål
  • Vindusvisker babord
  • Ekstra batteri forbruk/start med laderele
  • Batterilader 8A
  • Landstrøm 220 V + batterilader
  • Baugpropell
  • Ankervinsj komplett m/fjernkontroll forut
  • Ankervinsj komplett m/fjernkontroll akter